As the life of wellhead components often exceeds the life of wells themselves, refurbishment or repair of components can offer a significant boost to customers’ return on investment. By using refurbished equipment at new well sites, customers can dramatically reduce or even eliminate the need for additional equipment. The team at Inspecta Africa also offers full refurbishment and repair on all types of wellhead equipment and Christmas trees. What’s more the company backs the quality of its work by offering all refurbished equipment a full 12-month warranty.

A number of services are available. In addition to general refurbishment of customer wellheads and Christmas trees, Inspecta Africa also offers hydro and gas testing of valves, cross-overs and risers, and we can also facilitate the cutting and re-cutting of tubular threads, including bucking services. We will also refurbish equipment from other manufacturers or upgrade existing products with new componentry to improve performance.

We have a strong spare parts inventory with high quality standards and processes in place exceeding industry standards and we work only with vendor partners who meet our strict quality and audit requirements. We also offer a Total Vendor Management program where applicable.