We offer a wide range of wellhead equipment in our Rental Tool Pool, giving clients the ability to find the right balance between capital expenditure and operating expenditure on their project site. Renting equipment is particularly beneficial to small or medium sized field development projects.

Equipment available in our Rental Tool Pool includes exploration systems and tools, lubricator packages for both back pressure valves and valve removal, and casing cutter packages ranging from 4.5 inch internal to 36 inch external. We also have cross-overs, test pumps and chart recorders available, as well as a full stock of spare parts to fit all equipment in the Rental Tool Pool.

The extensive range of equipment available in the Rental Tool Pool can also be modified as necessary, meaning Inspecta Africa can offer a system that meets just about any configuration needs. We are also constantly developing and expanding our Rental Tool Pool and can offer a Total Vendor Management program to support our clients.