Offering fast service and maintenance to support our products is one of the most important factors in keeping Inspecta Africa at the forefront of the industry. Our team of highly-qualified and experienced engineers are focused on providing fast and efficient service to customers, to ensure that downtime in the field is kept to a minimum.

We offer specialized maintenance services for onshore and offshore fields, including scheduled programs for re-certification and documentation for regulatory auditing. Lubricator services are also offered, for both back pressure valves and valve removal.

All service and maintenance plans from Inspecta Africa are aligned with client needs to ensure fast and smooth operations. The diverse experience of the company’s engineers combined with our long history in the industry and broad spread of previous installations means Inspecta Africa has the capacity to deliver.

In addition to on-site training, we offer monthly training programs at our own Center of Excellence for training, and also arrange tailored training programs to suit client needs. We also offer a Total Vendor Management program and the Preservation, Storage and Management of customer assets.